Member Services

In addition to the benefits of membership specific to different membership levels, the Chamber offers services to members at every level.

Online Portal
Members of the Chamber have the unique ability to log in and manage the content of their member directory listing through our online portal. To take advantage of the many Chamber membership benefits, such as job postings, hot deal postings, press release distribution, and advertisements, all members have to do is log in and submit their content to be approved by the Chamber staff. This online, streamlined process lets you, the member, be in control of your content, to get the most of your membership.

To log in to your member account:click the MEMBER LOGIN tab on the right-hand side of the screen and enter your username and password.

To obtain your member account information for the online portal:contact usor call us at(313) 945-1700.

Discounts and Certifications

For more information on Certifications, visit the Certifications page.

The Chamber receives hundreds of product and service inquiries and makes numerous direct and indirect referrals to our members each year. A benefit of membership is referrals to member businesses. Referrals are free and unlimited. Our Chamber staff sends referrals to your member directory listing, so make sure your page is up to date.

Statistics Report
If your business is listed in our directory, posting advertisements, jobs, promotions or specials, or receiving referrals, you’ll receive an annual statistics report to let you know how the Chamber is improving your company’s reach.

Cultural Diversity Training
The American Arab Chamber of Commerce conducts a Cultural Diversity Training program to help companies understand and reach out to the Arab-American, Muslim, and Chaldean communities in culturally appropriate ways.The AACC’s diversity training is unique in that it is designed specifically for businesses who are hoping to integrate Arab Americans into their company as customers, employees, and as part of the larger community. The program concentrates on how organizations can use cultural knowledge to become better corporate citizens and in turn experience loyalty and patronage from the large Arab American community in their area. Organizations wishing to enhance both business and personal understanding of Arab culture should contact the Chamber for details.